Every day, NJPACO R members work as a team to promote coordinated and quality care for all patients. One of our central goals is to preserve physician independence. The NJPACO R philosophy is to keep physicians as the central coordinators of healthcare. As a result, our physicians are best positioned to provide appropriate quality care and help increase efficiency in the United States healthcare system. NJACO R: 100% physician owned, operated and funded.

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Board Certification: Board certified or board-eligibility is required. Otherwise, physicians must meet the expectations as outlined and approved in the Advanced Doctors participation agreement.

Electronic Data Interchange & Internet Connectivity: All physicians must have high-speed Internet access in the office. Physicians must submit all claims through EDI.

Clinical Integration Program Participation

Communication & Access: Must be able to receive and implement practice Education / Clinical programs / Operational programs.

Office Staff Training: A designated “Clinical Coordinator” must attend educational seminars and be in charge of clinical system integration.

Committee Participation: Executive; Specialist Physician; Medical Director; Physician Engagement; Patient Engagement and Experience; Membership; Quality Assurance and Process Improvement; Data Warehouse and Storage; Clinical Integration; Finance/Budget; Technology; and Business Development.